Thursday, September 6, 2007
Thursday Thanks Tank #71

When I decided to do this weekly feature so long ago, I never realized how some weeks it would be what I cling to as an anchor in my otherwise flighty thoughts of the moment.

As I turn my focus to thankfulness, for that time I am allowed to completely leave all other thoughts aside. When I am intentionally grateful, so many of the trivial things that take up my thought life diminish in importance.

So, let's pull up to the "filling station" and let me show you how God has chosen to meet me this week:

1. A new watch band: God did not actually give me a watch band, but He provided a wonderful experience at a local jewelry store that left me hopeful for the future of customer service. These people were courteous, helpful, and they even cleaned my wedding ring while I waited.

2. Choices: God gives me the ability to choose every single day, and I am grateful for His abundant provisions for me and for those I love.

3. Girlfriend time: I had a fabulous dinner Sunday night at Olive Garden (because my DP refuses to step foot in the place) with a new/old friend. (she's not really old) We just knew one another when I lived near the beach, and now she's moved back to my town. I look forward to lots of fun girly times ahead.

4. Swimming: I've been looking for a way for all of my children to participate in a form of physical activity without breaking our budget. A homeschool swimming class for less than $100 total in the middle of the afternoon fits all my requirements. They are finding it fun, too, which is a bonus.

5. Clean Laundry: Love the smell and feel of it, especially sheets and blankets. Now, much of it is not folded or put away, but that's coming. I am just thankful it's clean so far.

6. Dating the Kids: My DP took Libbyline on a date the other day. They had a great time. The beaming smile on her face afterward was priceless. I know, sweetie, he is a great date : )

7. Full Pantry: I am so glad to look into my pantry cupboard and see it full of goodies to be used throughout the rest of this month. I feel like I made good choices and got more for my money than in months past.

8. Fall decorations: I am one of those people whose heart swells when I see all the fall colors beginning to peek out in nature, and I am no different when I see the decorations showing up at the stores. I have already purchased my fall wreath for my front door and plan to hang it as soon as I find that over-the-door thingy that is stored somewhere out in the mess I call my garage.

9. Unconditional Love: So thankful God bestows it in abundance.

10. Extra Sleep: When you have a condition like the one I function with daily, any measure of extra rest is a reason for gratitude. I am thankful for the extra two hours last night. I actually was ready from head to toe before 7:15 am today. That's a miracle!

So, now it's your turn! Head on over to the comments and let me know how God is choosing to fill your tank this week. OR . . . you can take my cute Thanks Tank button to your blog and set up your own list of intentional gratefulness. Have a thanks-filled rest of the week!

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  Pam fearlessly posted at 9/06/2007 10:37:00 AM  
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At Thursday, September 06, 2007 4:32:00 PM, Blogger Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Glad to hear your list this week. I was blessed to see your wonderful example of seeing the blessings in the small things.

I was having trouble with mine. And, my post turned into something different from what I pictured in my head! LOL

At Friday, September 07, 2007 12:51:00 AM, Blogger Susanne said...

Lovely list Peach!

I love fall too, and look forward to it each year.

Hubby doesn't like Olive Garden? We went once but prefer Old Spaghetti Factory.

I did a list today too!

At Saturday, September 08, 2007 7:05:00 PM, Blogger Tealady Tammy said...

As always a wonderful list that reminds me to be grateful. I am looking forward to fall as well. Have a blessed weekend

At Sunday, September 09, 2007 10:36:00 PM, Blogger Jen said...

Hi Peach from a fellow blogger in Indiana. I just happened on your site and have been blessed by your thankfulness in the simple things. I have been up to my ears in laundry today, and have all but two loads folded and put away! Thanks for showing me how to turn a situation into a positive one. I might try to do this on my blog, but I never find enough time to write half of the things that come into my head. I also see you like scrapbooking. We have that in common, as I am a Creative Memories consultant. Another thing I need more time to do! Your MIL sounds great! Thanks again for your encouragement, and your witness to the Almighty!

At Sunday, September 09, 2007 11:04:00 PM, Blogger Shalee said...

That full pantry is such a wonderful blessing in more ways than one! And great girl time can refresh and recharge a spirit in the best ways.

Glad to read that you're being blessed from head to toe, Peach!

At Thursday, September 13, 2007 6:55:00 PM, Blogger MommySecrets said...

I love that you call your husband "Darling Prince"!


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