Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Wordless Wednesday
How we love fall!!

For other Wordless Wednesday posts, go here or here.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007
Dyson Pink -- Oh, Yes!!!

The Domestic Diva is hosting a contest over at her site for a Dyson pink vacuum. You can go on over and join the fun, but this baby is mine.

 I am so excited about the possibility of owning one of these!!

Considering I don't even have a vacuum cleaner that works at all right now, this would be a timely win for me.

 I adore the color pink anyway, and anything that helps with breast cancer research -- I'm all over that. I lost a friend to breast cancer almost two years ago, so this is close to my heart as well.

This is MY time. It could be an early birthday present, after all. 

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Sunday, October 28, 2007
Bloggy Giveaways, Guessing Games, and More

Update at the bottom of this post!
There is a giveaway at the bottom of this post, but I'm going to make you work for it ; )

So read on, and then follow the instructions before you comment.

When I started this bloggy adventure in August of 2005, I had no real plans for what I would do about my anonymity. I started "Homeschooling in the Peach State", used peachteapots as my user name because I love to collect teapots, and I'm from -- well . . . the "Peach state", duh.

Peaches are great. I like them on cereal. I like them in pies, cobblers, and especially in smoothies.

Yet with the association of "peach" the fruit also comes "peach" the color.

I not a big fan of the color peach . . . . I can't wear it. I don't like it used in decor in my home. I really don't like to be associated with it at all.

The color peach brings back icky memories of wearing a peach qiana (yes, that really was a fabric back in 1978) bridesmaid's dress in my cousin's wedding. The guys wore brown tuxedos( think of how this would have horrified Franck) and our dresses actually had cowl necks. Think this only with a full length clingy skirt and white platform mary jane style shoes. I was a picture of loveliness. No, thankfully I can NOT scan any incriminating photos.

So, back to the original reason for this post in the first place:

I never intended to become a fruit. It just sort of evolved out of control. The time has come to tame it.

I have a perfectly fine real name. I would like to do some branching out of sorts in the internet world, so I need to sound a little more credible than introducing myself as one of these.

Many of you already know my real name, but for those of you who don't (all three of you). Why don't you take a wild guess, and I'll send you some yummy body lotion -- from Bath and Body Works.

****So that those of you who do know my real name can play too . . . if you correctly guess my middle name, you will also get entered into the random number generator and have a chance at smelling good, too.

I will give one gift to the correct guess of my first name and one gift to the correct guess of my middle name. The names of both winners will be randomly chosen from the correct guesses and revealed on Friday, November 2nd, at 12 noon EST. If for some chance no one gets the name correct, I will still choose two winners on Friday regardless. Just leave a comment with a way to contact you. You don't have to have a blog, but leave an email address. This contest is open to US and Canadian addresses only.

There's just one caveat -- it will NOT be a peach fragrance. Along with all the other peachy issues -- I'm not a fan of the bottled fragrance or anything that is supposed to smell like peaches.

Give me a real peach or a basket of them -- Yum!

Peach in a bottle? Ick.

So, to join in with the Fall Y'all Giveaway, I am offering something to make you smell real good for your correct guess as to who is hiding behind the Peach.

Go on over to Shannon's Bloggy Giveaways site right now to join the untold masses of people just giving tons of cool stuff away for free!!

***Update: My name did not exist before 1740. It was made up for someone fictional, though I rarely use it in its full form, and it has nothing to do with the name of my state. Sorry "Georgia" guessers!

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Sunday Scripture

"Then the land will yield its harvest,
and God, our God, will bless us."

Psalm 67:6 (NIV)

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Friday, October 26, 2007
Fearless Friday #21

"Don't be afraid—you're not going to be embarrassed.
Don't hold back—you're not going to come up short.
You'll forget all about the humiliations of your youth . . ."

Isaiah 54:4 (MSG)

This week's Overcoming Fear study is entitled "Letting Go of the Past". I hesitated to even post about any of this because the past is one area that continues to hold me in neutral at times when it comes to my spiritual growth. The engine is revving, but I'm not moving forward.

Let me explain.

We had situation this last Sunday that threw me right back to one of my most painful memories ever.

See, I had a bad experience on the day of my graduation from high school that permanently etched itself in my memory like the brand on the side of cattle is burned into its hide. Unfortunately this memory often is dredged up at inopportune and unsuspecting times that nearly always blindside me.

I was left behind.

On the day of my graduation as an honor student. The culmination of my educational experience up to that point. One of the biggest milestones everyone notes.

I was left behind. Abandoned in a way.

At the very moment my parents and family could have been surrounding me with congratulatory hugs and pats on the back, my mom panicked about the party she was throwing me and insisted my dad take her home to finish preparations for all the people who would be attending.

At the very moment family photos were being taken all around me, I was left waiting for someone to return to retrieve me so I could attend this "all-important" party.

I kept waiting. People asked if I needed a ride home. The administration even offered to let me back in the school to call home. (This was way before cell phones, y'all!)

I waited until I was the very last person out on the sidewalk in front of my high school. The very high school I never entered again until my brother graduated five years later. I haven't been back since.

I waited, and I waited. It was the loneliest 45 minute wait of my life.

My special day became a time that will always remind me of being alone.

I won't bore you with any further details, but not one family member that day understood how deeply that impacted me. Not one family member apologized for leaving me or for anything at all.

Fast forward to last Sunday. I was not alone, but I thought someone had left me standing. That same panic of 22 years ago rose in my throat, and I coached myself by saying "This is not the same." "God has not forgotten you." This truth rang in my ears:

"God has said,
'Never will I leave you;
never will I forsake you.' So we say with confidence,
"The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid.
What can man do to me?"
Hebrews 13:5b (NIV)

I was not completely unaffected by the incident on Sunday, but I turned to God in the midst of it, and I got over that feeling pretty quickly, remembering that God knows my needs and will provide for me exactly when I need it. Just when I was about to give up, the vehicles parted and my precious DP was visible with a big smile on his handsome face.

The author of the Bible study I am doing mentions this, and I am convinced this is what I need to do with this situation I described:

"Such incidents can open up the doorway to a lifelong struggle with fear. But God in His love and grace wants you to move beyond the fear of the past so you can move into the hope of your future."
How do we do this? I've been trying to move on for years, but I know the residue of this long-held fear of abandonment impairs my decision making and cripples me when I least expect it.

The truth of this study is helping me to move on in a healthy fashion. The author cites Isaiah 44:6-8, and it is a powerful passage to put God in His rightful place and remind us we can fully rely on Him for everything.

So I close this Fearless Friday a little lighter, knowing that I can choose to build my foundation on the Rock of my Lord Jesus Christ. I can put my fears at the foot of the cross and walk on Without Fear.

***photo credit--dusty davis

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Thursday, October 25, 2007
Thursday Thanks Tank #78
Isn't it always pretty certain that when you try to make changes for the better that the enemy just wants to pounce on you and snarf up all your little steps in the right direction?

I've felt that way this week. I am in the midst of trying to do things differently in several areas of my life, and I feel like I've just been meeting resistance at every turn.

I guess in some way that should encourage me to press on, knowing I must be doing something right to have the enemy so riled up. Yet, the past two days haven't yielded a spirit of soaring or the energy to fight against the attacks I've been fielding. I've felt defeated. I've felt lonely. I've felt friendless. I've even felt far from God.

That is until last night when I began to process the following:

Along with many of you, I have been touched by the Lord numerous times via the words that sometimes spill forth from the lips of Beth Moore. When and if I ever grow up, I want to know Jesus more like she does. I'm gettin' there. I. am. getting. there, praise His name!

This is what God used her to tell me this time from Get Out of That Pit:

"For satan to talk us into distrusting God and distancing ourselves from Him is to keep us broken, ineffective, and frankly, out of his hair. Life offers no few invitations to fall into this kind of distrust."

What I received was this:

In the moments when I am wondering what God is doing and where He is when I am hurting, those are the moments I need to stick to Him like glue through His Word, His promises, and through prayer. Only then can I avoid being "broken, ineffective, and out of satan's hair."

I don't know about you, but I think I'd rather be all up in his hair, making sure he doesn't forget Whose child I am, Whose Princess I've become. When I stand up fully to the height God has given me in Him, I can look down on that liar every. single. time. He CANNOT have me, and I am reminding myself of this truth right now:

"But now, this is what the LORD says—
he who created you, O Jacob,
he who formed you, O Israel:
'Fear not, for I have redeemed you;
I have summoned you by name; you are mine.'"
Isaiah 43:1


Now it is time for a short list of thanks, because that is why y'all came to visit today. Here's how God is choosing to fill up my tank:

1. Prayers in the dark of the morning: My precious DP has been diligent to pray protection over me the past two mornings, and I am so grateful for his covering of love.

2. Truth: Whether through His Word or the voice of His truth through an earthen vessel, He has chosen to speak it over me, and I have so needed to hear it.

3. Empowering Me: God used Dave Ramsey to help me remember something. I am promised many things from my Heavenly Father and no matter what the enemy tries to steal from me . . . I WILL NOT BE DENIED! I guess that's just good, old traditional "name it and claim it" kinda theology, but it works for me.

4. Rainy Days: Oh, blessed rain. How wonderful to see it, feel it, smell it. For the first time in more months than I can count, I had puddles in my back yard. Whoop, whoop!

5. Game Day: We've been working really hard the past couple of weeks. We've been especially trying to get some good studying done this week. Today was not a day for that. We played a board game after chores that took the entire afternoon and loved it.

6. Changed lives: God is moving here, and I am thrilled to have been there to see Him bring new believers into the family.

7. Calm: I need not strive. I need not wonder. I can be calm in the face of my circumstances and know my Father in Heaven has it all in His Hands. To Him be the glory!

If you made it all the way to the bottom of this very long post, Congrats to you!

Please know that, as always, I'd love to hear from you about how God is filling your tank. Leave me a comment, or a list in my comments, or take the button to your own site and share with all of us how you are thankful. Go here, here, here or here for other Thanks Tanks.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007
The Simple Things

You know you are getting your family stripped down to the very basics in frugality when the trip to Wal-Mart yields this request:

"Mama, do you think you could maybe buy some paper towels and paper napkins? I am gettin' real tired of using my shirt and my seat cushion to wipe my hands."
JD Green

"Yes, darlin', Mama can buy a few frivolous luxuries just for you since you are askin' so sweetly."

Don't we all just love to give good gifts to our children?

Now, onto that already lengthening Christmas list . . .

*photo courtesy of p.j.

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Don't Forget! Fall Y'all Bloggy Giveaway

Hey y'all! Don't forget to head on over to the "Fall Y'all!" bloggy giveaway starting October 29. That's this coming Monday.

I had an absolute blast participating in the Dog Days of Summer Giveaway back in July, and it is a great way to get extra traffic to your site . . .

Especially good timing when you want to try to make money for the appropriate coverage of the ah . . . feet of your children.

I'll be taking part again this next week, and you'll want to come check out my little twist on the idea of "giveaway".

Let's put it this way, I'm giving away more than I ever have in the past two years of blogging.

So, head on over to Shannon's and join in the fun. I guarantee you'll become slightly addicted by the end of the week. I won a lovely tea cup last time, and I smile real big every time I use it.

On His Adventure~

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Wordless Wednesday -- Friends for the Long Term
For other Wordless Wednesday posts, go here and here. Enjoy browsing those lists, I know I do. By the way, this is my dear friend, Jen, during her visit a week and a half ago already. I am in the red : )

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Monday, October 22, 2007
30 Days of Thanksgiving

Found this at Beth @ Life with Two Little Vikings via GiBee

Here's Beth's take on the background of the 30 Days of Thanksgiving:

Early last October, I made a list of 30 people in my life that I felt needed to know that my world is a little better because they are in it. I thought a list like that would be hard to create...and, actually, it was not.

I also made a little card in MS Publisher using Kari's button graphic explaining what I was doing and why. Then, starting October 24th, every day for thirty days I "snail mailed" or emailed someone on that list.
My online buddies. My pastors. My parents. My in-laws. The folks at my local Walgreen's pharmacy who put up with my wacky-weird questions when one of the Vikings is sick. The Vikings' pediatrician. My favorite lunch spot's staff. My mail carrier and newspaper delivery person. My favorite cashier at the grocery store whose line I always wait in no matter how long because she's so nice to the Vikings.

Who around you do you appreciate? Who makes a tough day a little easier to get through? Who silently takes care of small (or big) tasks around you? Who makes you smile and thankful they are part of your life? Wouldn't it be nice if they knew how you felt?

Leave a comment here if you'd like to participate. And, consider posting at your bloggy home about what you think you might do and/or who you might honor starting next Wednesday. Then, perhaps do a follow-up post after your Thanksgiving food coma subsides and tell the bloggy world how it went.
And, may the glory be His alone.

This is just so "up my alley"! I am so thrilled to take part in this year's challenge.
Here's mine:

I made a number of cards over the weekend, and I think they would be perfect for Thanksgiving and showing special gratitude to those I often overlook. So, over the next 30 days, I am going to make a diligent effort to make some more cards and drop them in the hands of unsuspecting folks -- hopefully allowing them to see how much I appreciate their presence in my life. I'll let you know how it goes.

Head on over to Beth's site. She has more details about how to participate and who started the whole thing last year. I'd love to hear about how God prompts you to show your thankfulness.

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Burning Up

After running all over the house and traipsing in and outside the other day, JD Green comes into my room and shouts breathlessly with much emphasis on each word,

"Mama, you must. turn. down. the. air conditioner!!"

I look at his red face and sweaty brow and asked "Why?"

He replies with exasperation creasing his dripping brow, "Mama!! It is 323 degrees in here, didn't 'cha know?" 323 degrees!!!!! I. am. burning. up!!!

I went to look at what could possibly be a malfunctioning thermostat, though it still felt comfortable in the house to me (oh, she of the frequent hot flashes!)

What did I discover?

It was 323 . . . 3:23 pm

All is well, and no one's skin is burning off or about to turn to molten lava.

And people say their girls are dramatic.

**** Please scroll down to see what I've been up to this past weekend!

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Sunday, October 21, 2007
Tweaks and More . . .
I've been playing with my site this weekend.

I'm one of these people who gets in a mood and has to make changes -- however imperceptible to the average onlooker. What matters in this case is that I am on the way to being satisfied and it took relatively little time, moderate effort and no money.

That last one is incredibly important at this juncture. One of the reasons I think I started taking a fresh look at my blog is that I desire for this ole' blog o' mine to start generating some capital for me. I have little free time and a huge need for more income.

Homeschooling leaves me with minimal hours free for another job. Therefore, I thought it might be prudent of me to try as I might to urge people to make this blogging venture a profitable one -- spiritually and monetarily.

So . . . feast your eyes on my new sidebar full of bloggy ad goodness. Click away, and I will be able to do things like . . . make sure all three of my children have shoes to wear once the weather changes and we leave sandals behind for a few months.

By the way, if any of you BlogAds gals would like to refer me . . . I would be happy to accept that referral! I'm awaiting approval from Blogher right now and hope that my current readership won't hinder my joining.

Enough about all that. I just wanted to alert you to my new stuff and ask y'all to pray for some financial blogging success to start heading my way. I look forward to seeing what God has planned for this space of mine.
No other changes on the agenda for the moment, but I plan to make more trips to the posting/drawing board in the near future.

So, if y'all can handle it, I'll be around more frequently and sharing more about what goes on around in a household trying to live daily "Without Fear."

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Saturday, October 20, 2007
Wisdom for the Weekend

"He is my faithful love and my fortress,
my stronghold and my deliverer.

He is my shield, and I take refuge in Him;
He subdues my people under me."

Psalm 144:2 (HCSB)

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Friday, October 19, 2007
Fearless Friday #20

"For God did not give us a spirit of timidity,
but a spirit of power, of love, and of self-discipline." 2 Timothy 1:7 (NIV)

I think about fear so often when riding or walking around the local college campus. The acreage is teeming with wildlife, especially deer. I am not fearful, but I watch the reactions of the deer whose home I am attempting to share as I drive or hike past.

Those who have been around for years are docile, calm, and sociable -- if that is a deer characteristic. They do not run when vehicles approach. They do not interrupt their dinner or hurry their young away from the eyes of onlookers. Fawns usually run for cover, but it takes very little time before their skittish behavior becomes one of nonchalance and unwavering boldness.

How too can I become less fearful? Remembering the verse above is a good beginning. That was the theme verse for my study in Overcoming Fear these past two weeks.

Ms. Feinberg encourages the reader to go back and re-visit some fears from childhood as well as identifying some different types of fears found in Scripture. I found this a helpful exercise, especially looking at Psalm 91:5-10.

My God will protect me (and you) and have His angels take charge over (us). He says that no evil will take me down or come near my dwelling. In Him, I am safe.

Margaret says this:

"Not only does fear limit your ability to place your faith in God,
but if left unchecked, fear can also actually cause you to pull back from your relationship with God, choose to sin, and miss out on God's best for your life."

I wholeheartedly agree. I know I've had times in my life in which I have cowered and hidden rather than to stand boldly before God's throne of grace. I was steeped in sin and fear of the unknown. I missed out on His blessing, because I was too worried about what He would think of me and my actions.

What I am continuing to realize in my walk with God is that He is who He says He is. He is unchanging. He is compassionate. He is available to me. He does love me with an everlasting love. The better I get to know Him, the less I find fear guiding and directing my actions.

Now, fear still rears its ugly head more frequently than I'd like. This verse comes to mind in this area for me:

"I'm not saying that I have this all together, that I have it made. But I am well on my way, reaching out for Christ, who has so wondrously reached out for me. Friends, don't get me wrong: By no means do I count myself an expert in all of this, but I've got my eye on the goal, where God is beckoning us onward—to Jesus. I'm off and running, and I'm not turning back."
Philippians 3:12-14 (MSG)

I'm going to leave you today with a question from the study.

Thinking on the theme verse from this lesson (2 Timothy 1:7), have you ever experienced a moment when God took away a spirit of fear and replaced it with His spirit of "power, of love, and of a sound mind?" How did that experience affect your faith? Your relationships? Your attitude toward God?

Let's all continue to walk each moment, each step of this journey of faith "Without Fear". I am excited to see how God releases us from the bondage that fear brings and encourages us to walk in freedom with Him as we get to know Him better and better.

I welcome all comments and discussion on this topic. Don't hesitate to email me if you'd like to chat further.

FEAR= False Evidence Appearing Real

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Thursday, October 18, 2007
Thursday Thanks Tank #77
I'm finally re-surfacing after the whirlwind of the past few weeks.

I push and I push for weeks at a time, then my body just gives out and reminds me of the condition I try valiantly to ignore.

I have been trying to catch up by sleeping whenever I can get a rest, which means that Tuesday saw me in bed at 4:30 pm, back up for about 45 minutes to say "good night" to my family -- then back to bed until 6:30 am Wednesday.

Combine that with an internet snafu from Sunday until yesterday and you have heard not a peep from me since last week's Thanks Tank.

Without further rambling, here's the way God has chosen to fill my tank this week:

1. Visiting: I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with one of my dearest friends in the whole world. Jen and I have known one another since my days in Little Rock, and she was even kind enough to house me during the final 11 weeks before DP whisked me away to the altar. The woman was brave to share quarters with a stressed-out bride who spent many a day crying over the phone to a fiance who was way too far away during the whole engagement.

She left the three special guys in her life (her hubby and two boys) behind in the west and fully embraced life in the peachy household for a few days. We thoroughly enjoyed our time together and vowed to not let as much time pass before the next visit.

2. Small Town Fun: We took in the Chili Cook off, the Heritage Days Re-enactment, and several other outdoor activities over the weekend, while also finishing our run of The Hobbit. Quite a packed weekend!

3. Rest: How I have needed this, and I am so grateful God has provided it for me. I often feel guilty taking the time from my other chores to rest, but God, in His wisdom has helped me to see the benefits for all around me if I choose to rest when I need it.

4. Rain: We have so needed it, and I was so thrilled to hear the splash of wet tires on pavement as I awakened my girls early this morning. Thank you, Lord, for the refreshment this moisture brings to our parched and cracking land.

5. Computer Technicians: I am so glad there are folks like these that allow me to just sit down and type without any need to know how it all makes it out to you internets all over the world. It just does.

6. Quiet: Rare occurrence where I am right now, which makes it so much more appreciated when it does show up. I had a few moments of quiet the other day, and I find that is the time God chooses to whisper to me. I am listening, Lord!

7. Unexpected Treats: By Monday night I was plumb out of ideas for a nutritious dinner. My friend suggested an ice cream-driven meal. Creating sundaes of enormous proportions yielded squeals of laughter from those of all ages, and we over-indulged in an infrequent treat at our house.

8. Self-sufficient Children: Still rebounding from exhaustion and a dull headache, I was little help with lunch preparations yesterday. My children all stepped up and rose to the occasion, creating a healthy and delicious lunch without any assistance from me. Way to go!

9. Compliments: How wonderful it is to hear good words spoken over your children! I have gotten several positive reports lately, and it makes my soul sing in praise for what God is obviously doing in the lives of my three sweeties.

10. Trust: All is not perfect, but my trust in Him supercedes that which I cannot control. May I lean on Him throughout each storm that comes my way.

Ok, you know how this works. You can let me know how God is filling your tank here in my comments or take the cute button at the top to your site. Let me know if you've done your own list, and I'll come visit! If you like, head on over here, here or here for more Thursday Thanks Tanks.

Have a great thanks-filled day!

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Thursday, October 11, 2007
Thursday Thanks Tank #76

Yes, it is still Thursday, even on the East coast. So, I am going to try to keep my head upright and document the ways God has been filling my tank.

He must be keeping it filled, because I'm not doing a good job -- considering I've been up before 5:30 a.m. the past two days in a row. Anyone who knows me the least little bit knows I don't do mornings well. at. all. This Hobbit business is wearin' me out, girls.

On to the fillin' of the tank . . . Here's how He's choosing to do it:

1. He is sufficient for me. (2 Corinthians 12:9)

2. He helps me focus on others rather than myself. Please pray for my new friend, Ginger. Her daddy, who is 71, just found out Monday he has a brain tumor and isn't expected to live long at all. The doctor expects he will need hospice care within the next couple of weeks.

3. He provides for my needs. We are trusting Him to take care of us as we don't know how it will all fall into place this month. He knows, and He is not worried in the least.

4. He gives me rest. (Matt. 11:28, NIV) I am so thankful to have no place to go tomorrow until show time at 8 pm. My duties in the makeup room are relieved as I prepare for and welcome my dear friend on Saturday.

5. He gives me wisdom. (James 1:5, NIV) Because of #4, I know I need to make this short and head off to dreamland. I am worn out, and I need the rest my Heavenly Father promises me.

I know it's too late for many of you to respond, so I hope you all had a thanks-filled day! If you like, head on over here, here or here for more Thursday Thanks Tanks.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007
More Hobbit Shots
Looking Goblin "ish"!

The entire cast of "The Hobbit"

We thoroughly enjoyed our day off yesterday. We are taking things slow and restful today as well -- at least the mama is slow. We've got practice tonight, then a 7 am makeup call tomorrow and Thursday as we do three condensed performances each day for the local public school students. Then back to a three performance weekend before we bid Bilbo Baggins and all his friends a fond farewell to Middle Earth. I have thoroughly enjoyed having my girls take part in community theatre, and I am reveling in my own part as well.

Yet, I will be glad to turn my energies and attention back toward my home and holiday preparations once this production is behind us. Hard to believe, but we are less than 80 days (UPDATE= 77 days exactly!)away from Christmas, which means Thanksgiving is only a couple weeks away . . . Aughh!! I think I need to go and at least tidy up my craft table today.

Have a great day!

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Monday, October 8, 2007
"The Hobbit" . . . and Life Lessons
It's Real!
According to the level of excitement,
you would have thought their own names were up in lights!
(Yet, then I would have had to smudge them out anyway, wouldn't I?)
This is my "high-tech" dwarf. She never actually looked like this for a performance as the comments about looking like Hagrid and the difficulty of speaking and functioning with so much facial hair eliminated this growth before opening night.

The beard below didn't really make the "cut" either, so we went for a drawn-on beard by performance #2. As you can tell, hair and make up are a work in progress in the theater world. "Dori" the dwarf is joined here by her sister the goblin. Sweetcheeks is merely a shadow here of the wildness she would become in future performances.

More photos on this later when I have a chance to upload them. I just realized I let DP take the camera with him in the van this morning.

Though this weekend was a crazy one, I loved it. I was recruited to work in makeup this weekend, and I absolutely loved watching these kids as they were transformed into the characters they were intended to be. I had a hand for a few moments in making sure these children reflected the part they were portraying. It was powerful, and it was incredibly fun.

As I am typing this, I can't help but think what pleasure and joy God receives when we are transformed into the creations He intended for us to be. I work so hard so many times to try to be what He intends. I strive and I struggle. I writhe under self-imposed pressure. I give up, and I lose hope.

Yet, He wants me to be just like these children were with me this weekend. They sat themselves in a chair and trusted me to make them what they were intended to be. They didn't strive. They didn't try to help me out. They trusted me. They barely knew me, but they trusted me, and they were overjoyed with the results.

How much more should I be trusting my Heavenly Father Who knows me better than I know myself and gives me His very best in His Son, Jesus Christ?

What joy could fill my heart if I release my grip and trust Him to transform me?

"And so, dear brothers and sisters, I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all he has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice—the kind he will find acceptable. This is truly the way to worship him.

"Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect." Romans 12:1-2 (NLT)

We still have eight more performances over the next week or so. I am excited to see what else God has to teach me through this experience. Who knew I could be changed via the production of "The Hobbit"?

God did.

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  Pam fearlessly posted at 10/08/2007 08:18:00 AM  
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Friday, October 5, 2007
Fearless Friday #19

I'm starting a new Bible study. This is just from the introduction, yet I found it powerful for me today:

"Did you know that fear can be good for you? No, really! A healthy amount of fear serves as a reminder to avoid danger. It can help us be more safety-conscious. The awareness that something bad could happen often causes us to do something good . . .

"Unhealthy fear is paralyzing. It prevents us from experiencing and living the life God intended. It limits our potential. Fear can hinder us from enjoying rich relationships, amazing experiences, and a meaningful life.

"Fear can even stop us from fulfilling the call that God has on our lives. Left unchecked, fear can ties us to the past, push us toward sin, and prevent us from embracing our God-ordained future. That's one reason we find the same phrase echoing throughout His Word: 'Fear not!' Through His Son, Jesus, God has set us free from the unhealthy fears that bind us and hold us back." (taken from Overcoming Fear by Margaret Feinberg, Women of Faith Study Guide Series)

These words spoke powerfully to my heart today, and I haven't even started the study yet! I don't want my fears to prevent me from being who God wants me to be. I plan to walk through my weekend with my life verse echoing in my head as I go about the tasks God has set before me.

This weekend is a busy one with The Hobbit, especially as I keep finding myself in unfamiliar territory -- putting on makeup (on goblins, and other creatures), adjusting costumes in order to avoid wardrobe malfunctions, and anything else that comes along.

I pray for all of you as well as for myself that we will remember to live the life God has intended for us . . . one Without Fear.

FEAR= False Evidence Appearing Real

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  Pam fearlessly posted at 10/05/2007 11:00:00 AM  
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Thursday, October 4, 2007
Thursday Thanks Tank #75

Ok, all of you faithful "Thursday Thanks Tank" readers, I have got a bit of a twist for you this week. I want to direct you here to: "A Word With You" by Ron Hutchcraft. Today's entry is entirely appropriate for a "Thanks Tank" kind of day. Go read this and come back ready for the filling of the tank. Go on!

Ok, now you're back.

Well, Ron regularly makes me stop and think, and his words spoke to me especially today as I was of this mindset:

"If you're tired, and if you're tense and you're feeling overwhelmed, it could be you've been so absorbed in your mission that you've forgotten to look out the window."

After reading these words I thought I might need to both literally and figuratively look out my own window. I'm opening the curtains now . . . Now, I am back : )

Here's what God is doing to fill my tank, now that I am intentionally looking out the "window" and getting my eyes off myself:

  • He gave me a wonderful husband who laughs with me, cries with me, and lets me know every day he would marry me all over again, because I am God's perfect bride for him.
  • He gave me three healthy, happy, well-adjusted children who care about others around them and are amazingly untouched by the things of this world.
  • He gave me friends who encourage me to read the truth and look out the window when my world becomes a little too egocentric and myopic.
  • He gave me self-control and all the other fruits of the Spirit to enable me to become more like Him each and every day. I am thankful today for Him giving me more than one reason to exercise these fruits. The alternative would leave me isolated and alone.
  • He gave me His Son who died for me while I was yet a sinner and deserved nothing better than death. How thankful I am that won't get what I deserved.
  • He gave me the ability to cross paths with so many of you who challenge me, inspire me, and remind me I am far from being alone on my journey.
  • He gave me beauty, both inside and out. He sees me as beautiful, and He enveloped me in beauty all around that I might never forget the working of His hand in my life.
  • He gave me a purpose, and though I regularly question His wisdom in doing so -- He knew what He was doing, and He is working even now to complete it in my life.
  • He gave and gives me music to fill my heart with song that spills out and onto those around me. I am so grateful to have a place to worship and to share the joy that fills me.
  • He chose me. I am His. What greater joy can I know this side of heaven?
Thank y'all for coming and visiting me each week. I'd love to hear how God is filling your tank. Either make your own list and let me know it is up at your site, or comment here and let me know how God is blessing you this week.

Have a thanks-filled day!

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  Pam fearlessly posted at 10/04/2007 12:51:00 PM  
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Wednesday, October 3, 2007
Look What I Got . . .
Kim, at Season's of My Heart, bestowed this lovely award on me yesterday. I am truly humbled and honored to receive it. My goal with this blog is to be intentionally thankful and live each day a little less encumbered by fear than the last. Thank you, Kim, for thinking of me. I am going to pass this award on to several women who inspire me and bless me with their thought-provoking and God-centered posts:

Kim at Lifesong
JMom at Lots of Scotts
Tealady Tammy at On the Wings of My Heart
Thank you, ladies! For more information about this award, check out Management by God.

Yesterday was not just about online, intangible gifts. I also received a fabulous package in the mail from my favorite Oklahoman Halloween Decorator, Melanie. No, my present was NOT something Halloween-themed. I think she keeps her stash close to her heart for her own fabulous neighborhood display. Here it is:

Melanie did a bang up job on my tote, and I will proudly carry it all over my little town -- especially to the library. How I love me a good tote!

You need to go visit her and find out how you can get your own. Just tell her I sent you, and I bet she'll give you a price you can't refuse.

Thank you, thank you Melanie, for heeding my pleas and for going above and beyond the call of virtual friendship : ) You're the best!

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  Pam fearlessly posted at 10/03/2007 03:20:00 PM  
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Monday, October 1, 2007
Ahhh . . .ctober (October)

How I've been waiting for this month.

Here are several of the reasons I am glad it is Ahhh . . . ctober:
  • I wake up to temperatures that make me want to continue snuggling under a warm blanket.
  • I have reason to have hot cocoa in my pantry.
  • My children ask for and receive pancakes. Blueberry was the order of today.
  • I wore long pants all day today and enjoyed it without even thinking of sweating.
  • Which obviously leads to another favorite -- dropping the daily leg shaving. Ahhh . . .
  • I have glorious views of God's hand changing the landscape at every turn.
  • My girls are one day closer to their dramatic debuts as a dwarf and a goblin respectively. How exciting to be a part of "The Hobbit" cast.
  • It is now getting dark before 8pm. JD Green goes to bed earlier, and I remember to take time to savor sunsets when they come before I'm too tired to enjoy them.
  • One of my dearest friends whom I've not seen for three years + is coming to visit next weekend.
  • Soup's on! I love making soups, and now it is starting to get cool enough to enjoy all the concoctions that get mixed up in my soup pot. I think I smell some tortilla soup on the horizon for tomorrow's dinner.
What makes this season special for you? Are you excited about the mention of "October", or does it fill you with dread? Let me know in the comments!

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  Pam fearlessly posted at 10/01/2007 10:21:00 PM  
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