Wednesday, January 23, 2008
To Honor Bronner is to Honor Jesus

A tragedy occurred Saturday evening in Birmingham, AL. Boomama posted about it here. You can read about the details and come back for my response.

My husband has listened, and back when there was a Turner South, watched these men live their walks with the Lord on the airwaves.

When we heard the news it was as if we were hearing about a personal friend. Now, I know that we were. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we are family. We are personal, because our God is personal and always has been.

Please take the time when you can to hear this message from Bronner's memorial service. You can go here and listen. The link is almost at the bottom of the page.

It will take awhile (about 30 minutes or so), so allow yourself some time to listen to the whole thing. It is a challenge I will not soon forget. Rick Burgess is a grieving father, but the words God gave him to speak are powerful, so powerful. I will forever be changed by the words God allowed him to share with the other grieving people who showed up to honor the life of William Bronner Burgess.

I ask you, as you may have come to visit here for the first time today. Do not let the life of this little boy have been taken in vain!

To honor the life of this precious two-year-old is to honor the presence of Jesus.

God was not wringing His hands in anguish over the death of this little one. He knew the number of the days of this child's life, just as He knows the number of your days.

Rick said so eloquently that the way you could dishonor his family and the life of his precious son would be to leave your experience with this situation unchanged.

I speak often on this blog about living and walking Without Fear.

I would be remiss if I was too afraid to share with you who do not know my Savior, my Father, my best friend, the lover of my soul. He is the reason I get up in the morning. He is the reason I take each step forward.

Also in the new study I am starting by Beth Moore, she shares this:

"If God had already taken us everywhere He intended, we'd be at His glorious feet by now. That you and I are still here drawing terrestrial breaths tells us that God still has appointments for us."

My given appointment today is to let you know that there is only one way out of the lost place you find yourself. There is one way to know that if the number of your days runs out, you can be assured of going to the same place Bronner Burgess is this very moment. One way.

Our Father says it plainly here:

"Thomas said to Him, 'Lord, we do not know where You are going, and how can we know the way?'
Jesus said to him, 'I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." John 14:5, 6 (NKJV)

Now, if you've never made a decision to accept the free gift Jesus offers, you can do that right now.

This is a good place to get started in knowing how to come to a place of peace with God. I will be praying for the eyes that see this post and the ears that listen to the words God chose to speak through the tragedy and loss of Bronner Burgess will make a difference for His kingdom forever.

That is the reason I am still here. Thank you for meeting here with me today.

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